CMA 3.104 - Technology Helpdesk

CMA 3.104 serves as the main Technology Services office for the Moody College. The Technology Helpdesk located at CMA 3.104 is one of two office locations that provide computer, classroom AV and other technology support services for the Moody College of Communication.  A large and varied collection of checkout equipment is available for classroom AV support, academic coursework and research at the CMA 3.104 location.  In addition to the technology help desk and equipment checkout services teams, CMA 3.104 houses the Production, Projects and Systems work groups.

BMC 5.104 is our other Technology Helpdesk in the Moody College that provides tech support as well as a limited collection of classroom support equipment available for checkout including laptops, video adapters, laptop power supplies and presentation tools.

Office Hours:  M-F    8 AM to 5 PM
Classroom support:  M – F   7 AM to 8 PM
Contact us via telephone 512-471-1199 before the hours of 8 AM or after 5 PM.

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CMA 2.306University Auditorium 
CMA 2.PARKCMA Parking Garage 
CMA 3.000Walter Cronkite Plaza 
CMA 3.104Technology Helpdesk