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Since its inception, Austin's own community licensed public television station KLRU, has brought exceptional educational television to the Central Texas community. This non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization is made possible through support from our members.

For more than 40 years KLRU has been a friend to Central Texans. KLRU's mission is to enrich the lives of our viewers through quality public television programming, community services and public events with shows like Austin City Limits, Central Texas Gardener, and Texas Monthly Talks.

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CMB 1.106ARTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.106BRTF Edit Suite  
CMB 1.111RTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.112BSL Multi-Modal Neuro Imaging Suite 
CMB 1.113RTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.115BSL Focus Group / Conference Room 
CMB 1.116BSL Physiological Lab 
CMB 1.118BSL Experimental Lab 3 
CMB 1.120BSL Experimental Lab 2 
CMB 1.124BSL Experimental Lab 1 
CMB 2.102Moody Classroom 
CMB 2.104Moody Classroom 
CMB 4.112ARTF Edit Suite A 
CMB 4.112BRTF Edit Suite B 
CMB 4.112CRTF Edit Suite C 
CMB 4.112DRTF Edit Suite D 
CMB 4.112ERTF Edit Suite E 
CMB 4.112FRTF Edit Suite F 
CMB 4.112GRTF Edit Suite G 
CMB 4.112HRTF Edit Suite H 
CMB 4.112JRTF Edit Suite J 
CMB 4.112KRTF Edit Suite K 
CMB 4.114RTF Computer Classroom 
CMB 4.116Film & TV Lab 4A 
CMB 4.118Film & TV Lab 4B 
CMB 4.120RTF Undergrad Editing 
CMB 4.120ARTF Undergrad Edit Suite 
CMB 4.122Film & TV Lab 4C 
CMB 4.126Film & TV Lab 4D 
CMB 4.128Neal Spelce Broadcast Journalism Studio 4E 
CMB 4.1304th Floor Studios TV Control Room 
CMB 6.102Moody Studio 6A 
CMB 6.112RTF Studio 6B