CMB 4.130 - 4th Floor Studios TV Control Room

TV Studio control room connecting to 3-camera studios CMB 4B, 4D, 4E, 6B, and BMC 2.106 Auditorium

Capacity: 15 student seats, unconstrained wheelchair seating

Room Style: Studio, Flat Floor

Room Features:
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CMB 1.106ARTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.106BRTF Edit Suite  
CMB 1.111RTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.112BSL Multi-Modal Neuro Imaging Suite 
CMB 1.113RTF Edit Suite 
CMB 1.115BSL Focus Group / Conference Room 
CMB 1.116BSL Physiological Lab 
CMB 1.118BSL Experimental Lab 3 
CMB 1.120BSL Experimental Lab 2 
CMB 1.124BSL Experimental Lab 1 
CMB 2.102Moody Classroom 
CMB 2.104Moody Classroom 
CMB 4.112ARTF Edit Suite A 
CMB 4.112BRTF Edit Suite B 
CMB 4.112CRTF Edit Suite C 
CMB 4.112DRTF Edit Suite D 
CMB 4.112ERTF Edit Suite E 
CMB 4.112FRTF Edit Suite F 
CMB 4.112GRTF Edit Suite G 
CMB 4.112HRTF Edit Suite H 
CMB 4.112JRTF Edit Suite J 
CMB 4.112KRTF Edit Suite K 
CMB 4.114RTF Computer Classroom 
CMB 4.116Film & TV Lab 4A 
CMB 4.118Film & TV Lab 4B 
CMB 4.120RTF Undergrad Editing 
CMB 4.120ARTF Undergrad Edit Suite 
CMB 4.122Film & TV Lab 4C 
CMB 4.126Film & TV Lab 4D 
CMB 4.128Neal Spelce Broadcast Journalism Studio 4E 
CMB 4.1304th Floor Studios TV Control Room 
CMB 6.102Moody Studio 6A 
CMB 6.112RTF Studio 6B